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New Junior Cycle Syllabus

New Junior Cycle Syllabus

New Junior Cycle Syllabus

All students entering First Year in 2019-20 will study the following subjects for examination in the Junior Certification Examination:

  • English
  • Irish (unless an exemption is in place)
  • Maths
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religion (as an exam subject)


Students must choose one of two modern European languages; French or Italian

Option Subjects

Students may choose two of the following subject options;

Technical Graphics, Art, Home Economics, Business, Science, Technology Wood (Woodwork),

Technology Metal (Metalwork), Music

Short Courses

All students will study two short courses from the new Junior Certificate Specifications.

This year we will be offering Digital Media Literacy and Philosophy.


Students will have 400 hours of Wellbeing over the three years of the Junior Cycle. In 1st Year students will participate in tutorials every morning with their CT (Class Teacher), SPHE (Social Personal Health Education incorporating Relationships and Sexuality modules), CSPE (Civic Social Political Education as a Short Course rather than a full JC examination subject), Personal Development (consisting of a range of Wellbeing modules) and Physical Education.

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