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The Nurture Group is a programme (1) that we run in the school and allows us the chance to approach school life at a different pace. The Nurture Group provides a balance of learning and teaching in the form of nurture and structure to a small group of children at different times throughout the school year.

It is aimed at students who lack confidence in themselves and need learning support. It is safe base for students so they can feel more confident within themselves and hence cope with the demands of a secondary school life.

Characteristics of our Nurture Group

The classroom is furnished to be both home & school.

It is comfortable, welcoming and safe.

The same routine is followed in the same way every day.

Staffed by two reliable adults who model good relationships

The focus is on emotional, social and behavioural development from which academic progress is made.

The room will have clear boundaries and consequences.

To establish supportive relationships between school and parents.

The Nurture Group aims to;

To increase levels of confidence and self esteem in our young people

To address the individual academic and emotional needs of the group.

To reduce the level of unauthorized absences and exclusions.

To give students a chance to experience a nurturing culture so they can improve their own learning, their engagement in school life, and their overall wellbeing. It is hoped that pupils will learn these strategies to accommodate their own particular learning style, interest and skills and transfer them to a larger group situation

Research shows that students attend Nurture Group, try harder in lessons and have more positive feeling about school Lyon (2017)(2)


(1) Please see more at

(2) Lyon L. (2017). A pilot study of the effectiveness of a nurture group in a secondary special school. International journal of Nurture in Education 3

(April) 6-17.

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