First year girls basketball

February 9, 2024

Our first year girls basketball team have had a very positive campaign so far. On Tuesday the girls played against St. Raphaelas. This was our first ever match (and some of the girls first time ever playing basketball). Our girls were nervous at the start, and the other team got some scores in, but we got more confident with each quarter. They really put the pressure on in the second half and we gained a few points while keeping the other team at bay with some good defence. Unfortunately the other team won but the girls had a great time!  
Last Wednesday we had our second match, against Stepaside. We were more confident going into this game as we had some experience under our belt. The other team started strong with a 4-0 lead in the first quarter. This kicked us into gear and we levelled the score soon after! This gave us the confidence boost we needed, and the scores kept coming. Both teams played really well. We finished with a score of 12-8 to us!! We were absolutely delighted! The girls can’t wait for their next game which takes place today. We wish them the best of luck!