Principal’s Welcome

Message from the Principal
Graham Fleming

Fáilte roimh ár suíomh gréasáin!

It is our intention that visitors to our website get a strong sense of what it is like to be a student or a parent/guardian of a student in Cabinteely Community School.

CCS has a long tradition of caring very well for our students since the days when it was a primary and post primary school run by the Ursuline sisters, before becoming a community school in 1975. One of the Ursuline touchstones which is clearly evident in Cabinteely Community School is that of encouraging “a caring and respectful attitude towards self, others and the environment”. Our ethos and philosophy of education is based on the development of the whole person, in all their complexities. We support the wellbeing and the academic, spiritual and creative growth of students of all ethnicities, abilities, genders and faith traditions and none. As a community we have developed our core values of Care, Courage and Support and these are the foundation stones of how we live our lives and how we work with our students and each other.

We strive to create a safe environment where learning can thrive. We foster courage in our students to enable them to commit fully to their learning and unlock their full potential. We believe that working hard and working together as a supportive community gives our students the best possible chance of success in their future studies or the world of work.

We are a Microsoft school and use Office 365 and Teams as a learning platform for subjects. We offer the full range of Digital subjects including Coding, Digital Media Studies, Technology, Engineering, Woodwork, Graphics, Computer Science, Robotics, Design Communication Graphics and Construction.
We are an Assessment for Learning School and our recent focus on Learning has been around ensuring the students know how to reflect and make improvements on their work based on success criteria. To that end a Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT) Initiative is being embedded as our schoolwide learning target to great effect.

We incorporate the principles of Nurture which highlight the importance of the social environments and the way in which environments influence on social emotional skills, wellbeing and behaviour. We provide a full timetable of the Nurture Programme as one of the many innovative ways in which we create structures to support students who have experienced traumas of every kind to transition them to learning at their own pace.

Our Merici Centre is home to three ASD classes and since its inception in 2021 has been the heart of the school. Our Student Support Team comprising of the SEN Coordinator, the Nurture Coordinator, two Guidance Counsellors, a Behaviour for Learning Teacher, a Chaplain, a Home School Community Liaison Coordinator, the Principal and the Deputy Principal meet weekly and actively work through students referred through year heads or other staff ensuring that supports are provided where needed. Students can be referred for one to one counselling, group counselling or for participation in a comprehensive programme of supports depending on their needs. Our SNA Team is second to none and work alongside teachers to ensure that students are best placed to learn to the best of their abilities.

Our schedule of Extra Curricular Activities or Additional Areas of Learning offers something for every learner from Music, Art, Science, Fashion, Coding, Sport of many kinds, Chess, social enterprise, social interventions and many others because we believe that it is important for students to learn outside of the traditional curriculum and to forge good relationships with staff and students outside of their own class group.

We hope that you find any information you seek on our website, but if not feel free to contact us at