Arts & Culture

  • Art Club

    In addition to curricular Art, students from a variety of subject backgrounds and skill sets are offered to opportunity to partake in a lunch time Art Club at Cabinteely Community School. During this time students are given an opportunity to explore different types of Art such as graphic design, calligraphy, photography, animation, photoshop, and character design. The club offers students the chance to either create a quick yet effective artwork in one class or work on a project over a couple of weeks using the plethora of art materials in the Art department. The main aim of the club is for students to express themselves in a way that suits them through a creative lens. Throughout the year many students have entered external competitions, such as the Credit Union Art Competition whilst learning the skills to create work that is personal to them.

    Art Club also gives students to work with other extra-curricular clubs this was demonstrated through their collaboration with Ideal (a movement that stand up for Inclusion, Diversity, Equality and Love), where students researched LGBTQIA+ Pride Flags, their meaning and what they stand for. Students then took a flag each and created a leaf for the tree representing a different community. Students’ main idea behind this tree was the idea that “like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

  • Chess Club

    CCS run a chess club once a week at lunchtime. We play a mixture of online chess and using chess boards. We organise friendly chess competitions against other schools in the area.

  • Debating

    Debating is a subject option in Transition Year and CCS takes part in interschool debating competitions throughout the year. The benefits to students of learning the art of debating include the following:

    • Develops the student’s self-confidence and willingness to stand-up for themselves and their beliefs.
    • Working as part of a team, developing arguments and strategies, learning to work together, assigning each other responsibilities, and helping each other in a collaborative environment.
    • Every speaker learns the power effective communication. Students learn the techniques of spoken communication and verbal persuasion, and hone and develop their natural skills and talents.
    • Students learn how to organise their thoughts systematically and effectively.
    • Through practice and execution in the debates, the students build their capacity in argument, learning how to develop strong and clear arguments which convey the right information, and logic, and do so in a persuasive manner.
    • The requirement to respond to Points of Information interjections from one’s opponents, and the necessity of responding to their arguments throughout the debate, teaches students the invaluable skills of quick thinking, and the ability to confidently adapt their position and analysis on their feet.
    •  The two-sided nature of all debates develops in the students the skills of critical thinking, not just analysing their opponents’ arguments but their own as well.
    • Through debating students learn that there is always more than one perspective and position on any issue. Debating teaches people to respect diversity of opinion, and to reach balance and consensus through accepting divergent views and disagreement as natural.

  • History

    This year the History Club focussed on senior students of History. The club is intended to assist student in the preparation and presentation of your research study report (RSR). It aims to offers advice and guidance on various aspects of the research study and also consists of a number of sessions that students can use to help to organise research effectively. We also use Chromebook to keep any worksheets, notes and rough drafts, as evidence that students completed the research presented in the final report.

    It’s broken down into different sessions such as:

    • Hints on planning the research study, finding and recording information.
    • Advice on how to choose an appropriate subject.
    • Guide to completing the Outline Plan.
    • Overview of how to access local library resources.
    • Student worksheet for searching library catalogue.
    • Guide to recording information from the library catalogue search. Evaluating sources for the research study.
    • Guide to citing and evaluating a source. Use a separate copy for each source. Evaluating a website as a source for the research study.
    • Guide to citing and evaluating a website source.
    • The Extended Essay.
    • Reminder of structure of Extended Essay and guidance on writing the review of the research process.
    • Final checklist for the research study

  • Junk Couture

    Junk Kouture is a competition open to 13-18 year olds which challenges young people to design and create an outfit from recycled junk. Students are given an opportunity to showcase their design and represent their school on stages across Ireland and the world.

    Here at Cabinteely CS we run a Junk Kouture module for TY students. Our students this year became East Regional Finalists and received over half a million views on their TikTok account!

    It is a great opportunity for students who love fashion, design, modelling and dancing to showcase their talent while also learning other important life skills such as working in groups, compromising and meeting deadlines.

  • Music

    High School Musical

    In 2022-23 we were delighted to present, our first musical since Covid-19, High School Musical. Directed by Ms. O’Carroll and Ms McGuirk, with the help of some other staff, we performed four shows to audiences of primary school students, family and friends. The cast and crew were a mix of students from all year groups, and it was an amazing way to make friends with people outside of our own year.

    Each night that we had a show the atmosphere backstage was indescribable, everyone got along so well, and we were so excited to go on stage. For most people in the show, it was the first time going on stage and performing and everyone did a fantastic job! After the curtain closed on our final performance, people were already asking what next year’s show was going to be.

    Taking part in the musical was a long process, there were laughs and some tears, but it was worth every minute as we all made so many friends and memories. The greatest element of the musical was the friendship and bond between everyone on and off stage. We would have done it all over again if they had the chance. I’m excited to see what’s planned for next year!

    Cast and Crew

    Ruby Byrne, Joy Ayoade, Lara Thornton, Kayleigh Stevenson, Abbey Golden, Sarah Jenkins, Alana Lester,
    Kenny Lawlor, Ava Thornton, Isabel Mitchell, Lacey Shields, Lily Donnelly, Mia O’Hanlon, Leah Geoghegon, Lexi Tobin, Leah Carney, Naomi Slevin, Cian Bermingham, Laney O’Halloran, Jacob Meygeri, Lexi Heffernan, Hallie De Khors, Freya Corish, Vincent Wallace, Zoe Pollard, Jessica Bell, Abigail Murray, Emma Elbert, Grace Lucato, Hugo Brennan, Mya Redmond Byrne, Saoirse Maher, Josh Mooney, Josh Mullaly, Aislinn Kelly Gallagher, Alexandra Taite, Aldrich Toribio, Ian Kinsella, Reece Geraghty, Harvey Johnston, Kynan Kavanagh, Ally Roche, Kai Tormey, Caitlin Bell, Kayla Shields, Jasmine Mooney Farrell, Lillie Kane, Jamie Hammond, Evan Doyle, Robert Kelly, Sean Corrigan Tracey, Ryan Forsyth
    Caitlin Timmons, Conor Hopkins, Layah Geraghty, Calum Wallace, Lendio Basha.


    In March, Cabinteely attended the Emmanuel Concert for the first time since 2019, in the Helix. Two students who attended wrote about their experience.

    The Emmanuel concert is an annual event that gathers many schools from all across Dublin in the Helix theatre in Dublin City University. The central concept for Emmanuel is to unite teenagers and promote ideas while also forming a huge choir of over 60 schools over the three days of the event, open to all for participation and attendance(regardless of experience). Cabinteely Community School has a long history of participation in Emmanuel and has sent numerous soloists over the years.

    On 19th September, a group of students travelled to Cork after school to take part in the celebration of Ursuline 250th Anniversary that was held next day. This occasion marked an important milestone for our founding sisters and is very much a part of the history of Cabinteely Community School.

    The preparations for Emmanuel start a couple of months in advance, with each school receiving a list of songs to be learned and performed at the concert. The songs are a combination of pop and liturgical songs, with remixes that make the songs more fitting for the event and some original pieces written for Emmanuel specifically. Most of the songs have themes of love, unity, spirituality and the environment, making them both thought-provoking and relatable. A favourite among this years’ repertoire was “Another Day”, and the full collection of songs is available on popular music streaming services after the concert.

    The day of the concert itself is as action-packed as the preparations for it. Students from different schools are first brought to the ‘Our Lady of Victories’ Church for the first rehearsal and then migrate to the DCU Helix for the final concert.

    A warm dinner is provided before the start of the performance, and students have time to explore their surroundings and concert hall and mingle with the other schools. The concert itself starts at 19:30 and lasts several hours, finishing late at night.

    The lead up with practices and group meetings, and the day of the event itself are very fun and memorable – easily a highlight of the entire school year. The songs are so well-selected that they’re bound to be stuck in your head for days after.

    I think it’s worth to sign up even if you don’t like signing or feel self-conscious about signing in large groups (since there’s so many people that you’ll feel right at home). The Emmanuel concert is an experience that we’ll look back on after we’ve left school and it’ll be a fond memory for graduates and an annual event to look forward to for current students.

    My experience with the school choir was great! Every moment within the rehearsal was fantastic, and the night itself was something that every student should experience. We rehearsed some songs in a church near the Helix, each school apart of the choir attended this rehearsal and the atmosphere was amazing. After the rehearsal, each school had an hour for lunch before moving on to go into the theatre for a full run of the concert. The vibe in the theatre was uplifting and full of energy, I would definitely recommend any student to join the choir as it is such a brilliant experience.
    – Aldrich Toribio

  • Reading Club

    Transition Year students take part in a Shared Reading Programme each year.

    The HSCL teacher organises visits to our local nationals schools over a period of six weeks in each school. Our students sit with the small children and read story books with them and create friendships. The schools include: Scoil Colmcille’s; St John’s; St Columbas and Scoil Mhuire.

    The programme is beneficial to our students in that it increases confidence in leadership and interpersonal skills. Students receive a certificate at the TY graduation each year.