Class Tutors

Role of the Class Teacher

The role of the Class Teacher in Cabinteely is a very important one in the school. The Class Teacher’s responsibilities include:

  • Get to know each student in their class group
  • Ensure that each student is secure, happy and able to learn effectively
  • Liaise with SEN Dept where necessary
  • Communicate regularly with parents/guardians through the journal, make initial contact and communicate awareness of the student’s SEN
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality and liaise with students to set and review targets
  • Monitor effort and participation and motivation level of student with SEN in particular
  • Talk to students about their progress and that they are using their own learning styles (VARK or alternative)
  • Help students set achievement targets for themselves and to see progress, however small
  • Encourage students to get involved in extra-curricular activities and leadership programmes
  • Monitor the social interaction of the group. Refer any concerns to the Year Head
  • Support any student whose friendship group has changed, or who is excluded; refer to Friendship Room at lunchtime
  • Communicate with other staff in cases where a student is at risk for a period of time
  • Monitor notes being received by students and try to prevent a student from getting to report book stage of the Learning Code by means of organisational plans, behaviour plans and incentives, homework support; highlight to students who are nearing a stage when the reset is and how close they are
  • Help the student to implement strategies which will support him/her in changing their behaviour (Review termly targets with students and use journal in more effective manner)
  • Communicate with other staff about strategies which might be helpful to a student who is trying to change behaviour
  • Monitor students on Report book and encourage them in every improvement (take responsibility for the organisational planner completely, parent meeting and monitoring)
  • Implement the SPHE programme as agreed by the college
  • Use Semester Results pages in journal, set targets with students and review progress
  • Meet with year heads each day