Anti-Bullying Procedures for Students

A staff member may report a possible bullying issue to your Year Head, or you or a friend may report it to a staff member or to your year head.

All bullying complaints will be addressed within 10 school days of the first report

  1. The Year Head will speak to the students involved individually and in confidence.
    The year head will listen to all involved and will explain what is okay and what is not.
    Parents/guardians will get a phone call to explain what has happened.
  2. If the bullying issue does not stop the year head will investigate it further in a discreet and private way.
    The year head will discuss the situation with Ms Lyne
  3. The student who had been targeted fills out the Bullying Incident Report Form.
    The student(s) who engaged in the behaviour fills out an Incident Form
  4. Parents of student(s) who has been targeted and students who have engaged in the behaviour are updated and may be invited to the school.
  5. Students then engage in a counselling session with the Year Head and/or the Deputy Principal.
    The student(s) who are doing the bullying will get a clear warning about the damage they are causing and may get a sanction on the Learning Code, eg, a report note or a detention
  6. Serious bullying may result in a student being asked to leave the school.
  7. All records are retained/filed by the year head, the Deputy Principal and the Principal