Booklists & Rental

School Book Rental Scheme

A school book rental scheme is in operation in the school. The scheme was modified when we introduced laptops for students in September 2022. The purpose of the scheme is to provide rented text books to students for the Junior Cycle, 1st to 3rd Year. Parents must sign up to avail of these free books/ebooks.

Separately we have a Cabinteely Scholarship Fund set up through which we source contributions from companies and individuals to support families financially in the purchase of laptops for new First Year students. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) can apply for financial support to the principal and partial funding may be provided based on means information provided.

  1. Book lists will be supplied to parents in the normal way. Lists are made available on the app and on the school website,
  2. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) buy the laptops from the Wriggle Shop prior to starting school in September of First Year. Students are supplied with both hard copies and ebook versions of each text book.
  3. If books are lost or damaged, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be notified in May/June at the end of each academic year and may be asked to replace the book(s). Full compensation for lost books will be required before readmission to the scheme.
  4. Purchase of school stationary and disposable materials will remain the responsibility of parents.
  5. Application forms for the book grant scheme/Cabinteely Scholarship Fund can be obtained from the school office and must be submitted to the school office by the deadline set out for the following academic year.
  6. The books supplied under the scheme will remain at all times the property of the school. They will be subject to inspection at any time by a member of the teaching staff.
  7. Membership of the scheme is at the discretion of the school Principal. Any pupil found to be abusing, defacing or disposing of rented books will be dismissed from the scheme and will be required to supply their own text books for the remainder of their time in the school.
  8. Books supplied under the scheme may be new or second hand at the discretion of the Principal.
  9. Admission to the scheme in the second and subsequent years is conditional on the safe return of all books supplied in the previous year.