Science & Technology

  • 3D Printing Club

    The school has invested in three 3D printers in the Engineering Room and students get an opportunity to at the weekly club to design projects and to use the printers effectively. This year students created the Extra Curricular Cup which was presented to students who were most active in ECAs throughout the year.

  • Coding Club

    Once a week students meet to create games using block-based coding languages and basic Python. This reinforces the skills learned in Coding classes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Transition Year students.

  • Horticulture

    Provides an introductory approach to both theory based and practical horticulture. Students can engage in practical horticulture skills in several of the school’s gardens. Including the following elements:

    • Gardening theory and practical gardening
    • Gardening styles
    • Propagation
    • Cultivation
    • Pollination and pollinators
    • Composting and school wormery

    Students get the opportunity grow a range of seasonal vegetables and plants throughout the year. As part of the Horticulture programme students can also learn about and help care for the school hens Ginger, Pepper and Mocha. Students will also learn about the importance of sustainability within horticulture throughout the school as part of the horticulture programme.

  • Maths Support Club

    Maths Support runs Monday to Thursday at lunchtimes during which a Maths teacher and Maths Mentor tutors facilitate students to practice Maths or to get help with specific topics or homework.

  • Our Hens – Ginger, Mocha and Pepper

    Our lovely hens came to live in Cabinteely Community School in September 2021 from Kilkenny. The were named Ginger, Pepper and Mocha because of the colour of their feathers. They have a coup in one of the two interior garden in the school. The other internal garden houses our Wormery.

    The hens took a while to lay their first eggs but since then provide eggs for the Home Economics classes each week. They are minded by Mr Twomey and the Horticulture students in our Merici Centre and in the Transition Year Horticulture classes.

    During the Summer they go to live with relatives in the countryside. They are very popular members of our community!

  • Podcast Crew

    Here in Cabinteely Community School, we have our own podcast called ‘Cabinteely Talks’. It is a student lead podcast exploring all aspects of school life and an ideal platform for showcasing student voice.

    The discussion topics are chosen by the students themselves who then prepare suitable questions and source interviewees. Recordings are completed mainly during lunchtimes from our newly built podcast studio and then then edited using top of the range equipment.

    It is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify.

    We have listeners from all over the world including, but not limited to, America, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

  • Science Club

    Do you like to observe and wonder, ask questions, explore the world around you?

    The SCIENCE CLUB is for you!

    Our main aim is to have fun, embrace our curiosity and say `EUREKA!`.

    We like to think that there is no failure when you have learned what went wrong.

    Some of the STEM challenges that we tried are: The Crystal Growing Competition, Elephant Toothpaste, Traffic Light Reaction, The Screaming Jelly Baby, Chemical Chameleon Demonstration, Pretty Pigments, Invisible Ink, Fireworks.